Copyright 2006 Magiclenticular.
Mid Sixties... I remember this time well. A happy teenager saw his first stereo slide.
Stereo... camera, slide, viewer, projector, polaro filters, anagliph glasses... These words are like the steps to reaching my dream. They are still quite popular today. It's easy to make stereo images now, but one needs something over his eyes to see this effect (glasses or viewers).
My dream, to see photography in 3D without any special devices, came true using lenticular screen only. The magic lenticular alows to produce not only 3D pictures, but also to get many special attractive effects, such as flip, morph, zoom, animation, even so-called 4D.
No matter, who you are, or what you do - if you want to attract people to your products or services, or need a spectacular memorable picture, - I can help.
I can transform a picture of your choice into a 3D or add any kind of a lenticular effect to it.
I offer a lot of other services in the field of 3D technology.
feel free to contact me if you have any questions or  concerns.
Vladimir Matyakh
1130 Surrey Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19115

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I'm sure, in 10-15 years we're going to produce 3D photography only!  Why 3D?  Because the World isn't flat!
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