3D effect is my favorite kind of lenticular technology. Because it enables us to see the real spectacular stereo picture in our hands, on a wall, or anywhere else. All you need is your eyes. No special devices (such as shutter glasses, anagliph glasses, stereo viwers itc.), or special kinds of seeing (trying to cross your eyes, parallel viwing), etc. 3D photography - is the future of the world's vision!
3D, as well as the "Flip" effect, can be used in various kinds of production: from small business or ID cards to billboards. In my opinion, 3D effect is more attractive than "Flip". 3D is also more complicated, because for making one quality picture one needs from six to several dozens of photo files. It also involves a complicated process of image ajustment.
As of today, I have more than 50 3d pictures (mainly flowers) in my portfolio, some of them you can see on this page and on the two pages labled 3D Gallery. In 2005 my works have been presented at an exhibition in a Philadelphia's art gallery.